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Analyst Corner
Analyst Corner
About Faculty
The core faculty, Mr. Sunil Miglani, Director, SkillTrack, is a Technical Analyst, for about 10 years and is been sharing his knowledge through his institute for more than 5 years. He has deep interests in financial analysis of markets from technical analysis perspective. He specializes in Technical Analysis of both the stock market as well as commodity markets and also advises on those markets. Moreover, Mr. Miglani's ability to find peaks & bottoms of the stock markets remains an indispensible quality which keeps him special in his field. His approach towards the market is different from the rest. He has designed this program to bring a prospective change in your thinking and decision making process, resulting in enhancing your understanding, and performance in the world of Stock/ Commodity market.
His articles often appear in leading News Papers on stock analysis and related aspects..

Some key rules of trading by MR. SUNIL MINGLANI
  • "It's not important whether you are right or wrong, more important is, how much you lose when you are wrong and how much money you make when you are right".
  • Buy a stock when everyone feels it's expensive, Sell when it's extremely expensive & yet everyone finds it's attractive.
  • "The greatest pain of this market" - you find something, you could not act and it happened.
  • Not enough to be right, sit on to be tight, when you are right.
  • Do not trade or invest in many stocks, because no one has been ability to handle many things at a time. It's being a juggler with too many balls in the air. You don't just drop one and you end up dropping them all.
  • Diversification is the protection against ignorance. And if you don't want to be ignoring your money "put all your well chosen eggs in one bucket & watch them closely".
  • When you are right 4 times out of 10, you made millions of rupees, IF you have a sense to cut your losses quickly.
  • If you are bull, you will make money, if you are bear you will also make money, but if you are both, you can't play this game.
  • In a bull phase when you feel rise is over, actual rise has only started.
  • In the stock market, almost majority of the time the crowd is on the wrong side.
  • Don't buy something because it is low priced.
  • A good trade is profitable right from the start.
  • Don't average your losses.
  • Decrease your trading after a series of successes

Sunil minglani's views and articles often appear in leading news papers on stock analysis and related aspects.

About Sunil Miglani
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Analyst Corner
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